• Free shipping: Germany from 75 EUR / EU from 250 EUR!
  • New cool wool: Sock by Malabrigo (merino superwash) and Zauberball 100 by Shoppel Wolle (100% pure wool).
  • Free shipping: Germany from 75 EUR / EU from 250 EUR!
  • New cool wool: Sock by Malabrigo (merino superwash) and Zauberball 100 by Shoppel Wolle (100% pure wool).

Our product range

At Woolpoint, we carry our own house brands as well as quality yarns from well-known third-party suppliers. We attach great importance to the fact that the yarns we have on offer are made exclusively from natural fibers and, if possible, also in organic quality. Through our careful selection of third-party brands, we always try to offer you a wide range of interesting and innovative yarns.

So, to put it in a nutshell - it's worth checking out our website regularly! ;-)

Our own yarns:

Urd, Skuld and Verdandi is our versatile High Twist Trio, named after the Nordic goddesses of fate (and also three protagonists from Erik's "Deae Ex Machina" comic series). With the most popular yarn weights of 300 (Urd) over 400 (Skuld) up to 600 (Verdandi) meters, all knitting projects can be carried out without any problems - regardless of whether they are trendy socks, cozy pullovers or voluminous lace scarves. Of course, all yarns are made from 100% mulesing-free merino wool and are lovingly hand-dyed in small batches (many of them are real "one-of-a-kind" skeins).

Moira is a true all-rounder among our yarns. Regardless of whether it is socks, shawls or larger items of clothing such as sweaters or knitted dresses - with a length of 400 meters (fingering weight), our yarn can be used everywhere. The wool is also mulesing-free, cuddly soft (4 ply) and of course hand-dyed.

Layla (from the Arabic "most beautiful of all nights") is our noble wool blend with 75% merino and 25% silk and, because it is completely without polyester, a perfect natural alternative to commercial sock yarns. The silk content gives the yarn a special shine and corresponding durability. And like all other Woolpoint yarns, Layla is also 100% mulesing-free, hand-dyed and available in many great color combinations.

The yarn Arachnea, whose name was inspired by the spider queen from Grzegorz Rosinski's "Thorgal" comic series, is the thinnest yarn in our range and at the same time one that will make every shawl lover's heart beat faster. Due to the single strand that is not overtwisted (1 ply), the dyes are not evenly distributed in the dyeing process and in the end you get a wonderful, rustic "stonewashed" effect in the fibers. The length of 800 meters is also just enough not to bother with the project forever, so that you get tired of it at some point. In many cases, the result is an airy, essential knitted piece of lace weight made from 100% mulesing-free and hand-dyed merino wool.

Piccolino sets are the perfect choice for those who can't decide. The small, hand-dyed and colorfully mixed skeins (each 5 x 20g) can be wonderfully knitted in the larger projects to emphasize the playful details (e.g. heel and toe in the socks or certain parts in the shawls).

Third-party brands in our range:

At the same time, we also have other interesting yarns from well-known manufacturers such as Manos del Uruguay, BC Garn, Onion or Kremke in our permanent offer. We are also constantly looking for ways to further expand our portfolio of third-party providers.

With Manos del Uruguay we also offer a wide range of hand-dyed yarns. The Alma and Fino yarns are real all-rounders and can be used very well in almost all knitting projects - from mittens to scarves and hats to larger items of clothing. The Marina yarn, on the other hand, with its lace weight is perfect for elaborate and colorful lace shawls. And for everyone who cannot decide on a color from the Manos del Uruguay yarns, we have the Fino Mini Sets with colorful mixed sets of small 20g skeins on offer.

BC Garn, which was founded in Denmark in 1972, is represented at Woolpoint with some GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) yarns. BC Garn only uses natural fibers such as wool, cotton or linen for the production of yarns, which often gives the yarns a rustic look and feel. Anyone interested in Fair Isle projects should definitely take a look at the light Bio Shetland GOTS yarn. Those who are looking for an all-rounder yarn in DK weight are sure to find what they are looking for at Northern Lights - a yarn with a special fiber structure imitating the effect of the real Northern Lights thanks to the silk content.

The Onion brand with its Nettle Sock Yarn offers another natural alternative to commercial sock yarns, with nettles instead of polyester. The nettle not only ensures the corresponding durability, but also gives the innovative yarn from Denmark a special rustic look, as the nettle fibers do not accept any dyes.

The Kremke company with its in-house brand Soul Wool, on the other hand, relies on a wide range of natural and environmentally friendly yarns, some of which are made from recycled raw materials. We find the reborn DENIM uni yarn particularly interesting and innovative, 85% of which is made from old jeans. Pants become sweaters - really crazy, isn't it? That might be, but in any case fully in the "slow fashion" trend! Another and no less interesting yarn from the Soul Wool range is Lazy Linen. A mixture of new wool and linen creates an attractive look and is therefore perfect for shawls or larger knitting projects.

Have fun browsing!